CA Sales Tax Prepayment due June 24th

The second prepayment is due on or before JUNE 24th.

This prepayment is for the period of May 1 through June 15 and must be an amount: 1. equal to 135% of the tax liability for May, or 2. equal to 90% of the tax liability for May plus 90% of the tax liability for the first 15 days of June, or 3. not less than one‑half (1/2) of the measure of tax liability reported for the corresponding quarterly period of the preceding year multiplied by the tax rate in effect when prepayment is made, provided you or your predecessor were in business during all of the quarter.

First time at Interior Design Summit, Denver

Hi Everyone, 

I just launched my new website. Forgive any typos. I would love suggestions to make it more useful. Please submit an idea via my "Contact Us" Page. 

I am in Denver for the next few days. I have been asked by Gail Doby, with Gail Doby Coaching to speak on Cash Flow modeling.

Check out her website:

Gail Doby will be visiting San Francisco on June 9th. We will be having a wine/cheese party for on June 9th at 430pm. Please let me know if you want to attend. 

Wish me luck on speaking to 100 designers about Cash Flow Modeling this weekend.

Thank you. Kimberly Merlitti - KMM Consulting